El Camino Fonseca

Northwest via Ourense

Rio Tera, Up the River Valley

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Tábara to Puebla de Sanabria

Rionegro del Puente to Palacios de Sanabria: 12 June 2006

Soon after leaving Rionegro the Camino passes under the new motorway and continues parallel to the N525. The way is on footpaths over grassy fields for a while but my guidebook advised me to keep the telegraph poles lining the N525 in sight and I covered the 9km into Mombuey in time for a late breakfast. Bar Rapina holds the official stamp for the credencial and also controlls access to the albergue should this be your stop for the night. There is also accommodation in this bar and at the Hostal La Ruta which was passed on the way into town. There are plenty of other bars and shops in Mombuey and I was able to buy supplies for a later picnic.

From Mombuey there is another 3km or so near to the N525 (you will follow this road to Santiago) before crossing the motorway. The walk becomes much quieter now as you pass through woods to a string of small pleasant villages. Valdemerilla is the first village and, just as I arrived it began to rain heavily. An old lady standing at her door beckonned me into the large garage attached to her house where I chatted with her and her husband until the rain eased.


The Camino towards Cernadilla is straightforward and on the way there I passed a stack of firewood thatched with broom. There were similar stacks along the way leading into the village. The entrance to the village is near the Ermita del Cristo and then passes through the picturesqe streets to the main square.

Ermita del Cristo

There is a very pretty clock cum thermometer here but, checking on the date stamp on my photograph, I took this picture just before midday. There didn't seem to be any means of rewinding the clock so perhaps it just needs a new battery.


A couple of weeks after I passed through the village (June 2006) a small albergue was opened in the old forge, La Fragua. The capacity is only four persons but this could be a nice quiet place for an overnight stop. There is a bar here where you can obtain meals but it was too early for me to make another stop and I had bought the makings of a picnic in Mombuey.


An unusual fountain is at the far side of the village then there is a short stretch of concrete and asphalt walking towards the village of San Salvador de Palazuelo.


This village has a modern looking hermitage at the entrance, a church with an outside stairway to the belfry and some pretty houses.

San Salvador church San Salvador San Salvador Camino San Salvador

Now we can take a winding dirt track down towards the reservoir (Embalse de Cernadilla) then back up towards Entrepeñas. Just outside here I found a small picnic site under some trees. The table and benches were concrete but the shade justified me stopping here for lunch and a siesta.


After the village the Camino rises through woods and grassland to cross over the motorway. You will soon see the tower of the church, Iglesia de la Asunción, which is at the entrance to Asturianos.

When the way reaches the N525 road the Camino goes to the left. However there is a bar a little way to the right so I went there for coffee and cakes and another rest. Continuing the Camino, the path is through shady woodland towards Palacios de Sanabria. If you follow the marked way the Camino passes just behind Palacios but I intended to stay here. Turning left down a road into the village I found two bars at the crossroads with the N525. After a lot of water in one of the bars I asked after the private accommodation mentioned to me in Santa Croya and was soon installed in my own room with a double bed. Luxury after so many nights in my sleeping bag.

A heavy thunderstorm broke out soon after I had settled in so I was very lucky this day to miss the rain. Peter was not so lucky and had to shelter beneath the trees where I had stopped for lunch. We ate together in our accommodation on a covered patio, talking to our hostess all the while, then finished the evening with brandies in one of the bars. I slept well even though there was a thunder storm for most of the night.