El Camino de Santiago

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Weblinks, Guides and Reference Books I have found useful

This is a collection of web sites and books which have been of great assistance to me in planning my walks. It is by no means complete and I will continue to add to it as new sites and books become available or I stumble across something useful during my researches.

If you wish to contact me with any suggestions, errors, omissions or anything else you can reach me here and I will consider your offerings:
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Web Links

Confraternity of Saint James
A mine of data concerning the various Caminos and much more information about history etc. There is also an online bookshop for guides etc.
Caminolinks by William and Bronwyn
A really valuable collection of links, mainly concerning the Camino Francés but with sections on the Camino del Norte and Via de la Plata.
Peter Robin's Site
A vast list of the various Caminos throughout Europe with links to the most useful websites. Other pages deal with the history and development of the Caminos.
This is the main Spanish site for the Caminos in Spain. It contains a huge amount of data on the routes and seems to be updated regularly. The site is multilingual but I have found that the English language sections do not have nearly so much information as the Spanish ones. Dig deep into the Spanish sections and improve your vocabulary of useful Camino terms.
Piers Nicholson
Photographic journals of his various Caminos and much more besides.
Consumer.es Camino de Santiago
A growing section of a Spanish consumer website. Very good details of the Caminos in the north of Spain with stage and gradient maps and albergues. Hopefully the outline descriptions of the other routes will be expanded soon.
Leslie Gilmour's site
A large site with a host of information and tips for would be pilgrims.
A fairly new site (July 2006) written by the author of a guide book on the Camino Frances and Camino Catalan. The site is huge and growing month by month. The most useful information is in Spanish (and Catalan) but the photo galleries are superb and need no text.
American Pilgrims on the Camino
Another fairly new site which has a good resources section to assist pilgrims coming from the other side of the "Pond".
Caminho de Santiago
The main Brazilian site on the Camino in Portugese, Spanish and English. The site is well established and has much information. There is a large collection of links with the most recent additions at the bottom of the list.
Carlos Viñas' links page
One long list of links without any text but arranged by nationality. If you are just browsing for anything to do with the Caminos this may be more convenient than ploughing through hundreds of search engine pages.
Camino Francés
Turly's Walk
Turley walked the Camino Francés in 2002, starting a few days before I did. He also took many more photographs so you can get a good idea of the conditions I walked in with my companions.
Peter Kuiper's site
Peter has a journal of his Camino which he split over several years. He has also collected many journal links, in various languages and in chronological order, concerning the Camino Francés.
David Foster
David is a touring cyclist but this is the journal of his walk from Somport to Santiago in 2005. Many good photographs.
Camino de Santiago by Bike
A bike trip in 2003 with lots of good photos. The author also rode the Via de la Plata.
Caroline Mathieson's site
A long page with interesting tips and links. These are followed by a list of refuges with comments distances and photos. See also Via de la Plata section.
Camino Fonseca

Since this route is a subsection of the Via de la Plata you can often gain knowledge of the route from links concerning the longer way.

A Spanish site. Work seems to have halted on this site at the beginninng of 2006 but there is still some information to be gained from it. Hopefully more detail will be added in future.
Bambulo's Trails
This is a large collection of GPS referenced trails in Spain superimposed on Google Maps so you can see the terrain you will be walking through. The Camino Sanabrés is at the bottom of the list and I would advise you to keep the list open by right clicking on a link and then opening it in a separate window. This is because of lack of navigation between sections of the trail.
Via de la Plata
Caroline Mathieson's site on the Via de la Plata
Similar format to the page on the Camino Francés and is being updated as she completes the route in stages.
Via de la Plata by Bike
A journey in 2005 by the same author as the Camino de Santiago by Bike (see above). Packed with gorgeous photos.
This pdf document is entirely in Spanish but it gives a very good account of the Journey made by Carlos and Jose in the summer of 2005. They also followed the Camino Fonseca although they strayed from the accepted route at the beginning of this section. Print it out and translate at leisure.
This Spanish site is one very long page crammed with details on the route with up to date revisions. There is also a maps section which will enable you to utilise a continuous satelite map to view your projected journey.
Camino del Norte
Laurie Reynold's Camino 2007
Just a photo gallery with very little text but the pictures are great.
Dudley Glover's Camino 2004
The opposite to the above site. Lots of text with some photos scattered throughout. Also has his journal of the Camino Francés from 2002.
Camino Primitivo
Mike McGovern
Mike and a group of friends walked most of the Camino in 2003 starting in Tineo.
GaliciaDigital site
In Spanish, Gallego and English. Not quite a guide book but gives a good description of the route, contact details for the refugios and photos of the interesting places along the way.
Rincon Astur
Spanish site with lots of history, stage descriptions and detailed strip maps. The maps lose the contours and rivers when the route crosses into Galicia. The Camino section is accessed from the first menu item on the homepage.


The CSJ Online Bookshop
This should be your first stop to buy rucksack friendly guide books (and download the free annual updates). There is also a selection of other books relevant to the Caminos.
Stanfords bookshop
This long established London store is in Long Acre, Covent Garden and specialises in travel books and maps. There is also an online shop.
The Library of Iberian Resources Online. Here you will find many, freely available, academic books concerning the medieval history of Spain and Portugal. Some are relevant to the Camino, especially Saint James' Catapult by Richard A Fletcher which is a biography of Archbishop Diego Gelmirez of Santiago.
El Pais Aguilar
This Spanish firm specialises in guide books for walkers and its books can be obtained in most good bookshops in cities along the routes.
Camino Francés
Rutas a Pie, El Camino de Santiago, El Pais Aguilar.
I bought this book for my walk in 1993 and it was still useful for my second trip in 2002. The book is spiral bound so I could keep it in a transparent waterproof bag, back to back with the CSJ guide, both open at the relevant pages. There is now an edition from 2006 with updates available from their website.
Camino Fonseca

Most guide books on the Via de la Plata also cover the Camino Fonseca so you can buy an English language guide from that list.

Ruta del Camino Fonseca, Luis Antonio Miguel Quintales, Amaru Ediciones 2002.
This is the guide I bought in Zamora on the first day of my walk in 2006. There's lots of information, maps and gradients in this book but the turn by turn route sections are in small print so I was lucky to be carrying a small magnifying glass in my mapcase.
Via de la Plata

Two books in English dominate this section and it would be useful to take one of these in addition to the CSJ guide.

The Way of St James: Vía de la Plata, Seville to Santiago Alison Raju. Cicerone Press. 2005
This is by the author of the CSJ booklet on this route and is also available from the CSJ bookshop.
Walking the Camino de Santiago, Bethan Davies & Ben Cole, Pili Pala Press 2006
I like this book. It has simple sketch maps for when you are walking and sections on wildlife, culture and cuisine for when you are more relaxed. Updates are available from their website. Pili Pala Press
Camino del Norte
Camino Primitivo